We stand out for investing on our own brand - UP—Uni-Preço, to ensure that our customers get an excellent quality at even more competitive prices. The UP brand includes a wide range of products: SWEETENERS; CEREAL FLAKES; COOKIES; SALT/VINEGAR; SPICES; SEASONINGS/SAUCES; TOMATO PULPS; ...


We also invest on our own brand DUNA, with high-quality prices and very competitive prices, from which we highlight the LUPIN BUCKET/JAR; SNACKS; OLIVES/PICKLES/RED PEPPERS; TOMATO PULPS; FRUIT PRESERVES; COOKING FLOURS;  BOILED VEGETABLES; MARMALADES; PASTAS; VINEGAR.


We also have a wide range of products from our own brand Neve, namely laundry detergents, dish-washing detergents, all-purpose cleaners and fabric softeners, which are products that have been on the market for a long time at low prices.


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